VersaCorder Tape Recorder/Player

The Most Versatile Recorder

Never Miss Your Favorite Talk Show Again!

Record up to 4 Hours On One Side of a Regular Cassette

Save Tape and Time with Voice Activated Recording

   There�s still nothing as easy to use for long recordings as a cassette tape. The VersaCorder records up to four hours on one side of a regular cassette tape. It�s perfect for recording and playing back talk shows, important telephone calls, and meetings. You can record up to six events with a built-in timer. You have the option to select between 1/4-speed recording for voice, and regular speed for music and playback of regular tapes. Sorry, no auto-reverse.

   A pull-out handle and built-in microphone add to the VersaCorder�s versatility for portable use. To record a radio show while you�re away, just connect the VersaCorder to the earphone jack of any radio, set the timer, and press the record button. The built-in, high quality speaker allows you to listen while you record or you can turn the volume off for silent recording. A special tri-plug patch cord is included for use with the new CCRadio plus or any other radio. You can also make a decent recording right from our radio's speaker to the VersaCorder's built-in microphone.

   Another incredible feature of the VersaCorder is Voice Activation. Voice Activated recording is ideal for recording telephone calls or meetings where there may be pauses in a conversation. The tape will stop until it hears a sound, thereby saving tape and playback time.

   With the optional telephone patch cord, you can record directly from the telephone.

   The VersaCorder is portable, and easy to use. What�s more, tapes can be archived for later use. It runs on (4) optional �C� batteries or the included power cord. Made by Sangean. Stereo or Mono.

Weight: 2 lbs. 6 oz.

Size: 10" W x 2-5/8" H x 6-1/2" D.

CCVC  -  $99.95

Quarter Speed Cassette Player

Great for lightweight, portable, 1/4 speed/regular speed playback.

   This small cassette player has been modified to specifically playback the 1/4 speed recordings made on your VersaCorder. Player shuts off automatically at the end of a tape. Comes with stereo headphones, and a belt clip. Sorry, no external speaker. Also plays regular speed cassettes. Runs on (2) included "AA" batteries only. One-year warranty by C. Crane Company only.

Weight: 4.6 oz. Size: 4.5" H x 3.5" W x 1.5" D

SW-PSP  -  $39.95

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