Books: Shelters

�How To� Build This Log Cabin for $3,000

by John McPherson

   A step by step "how-to" on the construction of a log cabin illustrated with over 300 photographs plus line drawings.  This book was written and designed for the "average" person who has the desire to build a log cabin but not much knowledge.  Modern tools are used and everything but logs (including roof) were purchased and yet the cost of construction was kept right at $3,000.  Common problems are shown being solved using not much more than common sense.  From trees in the timber to the final chinking, this book is designed to get the reader out there and building.

140 pages

BK-HBC3  -  $24.95


Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties

by Daniel Carter Beard

   Originally published in 1914, this book presents step-by-step tutelage on all aspects of outdoor accommodation.  Beard explains how to construct a variety of worry-free shelters appropriate to a natural environment that is by turns both friendly and foreboding.  Included are a sod house for the lawn, a treetop house, over-water camps, and an American log cabin.  Fully recognizing that the outdoorsman builds a shelter with the intention of inhabiting it, Beard explains how to build hearths and chimneys, notched log ladders, and even how to rig secret locks.  Illustrated throughout with instructional line drawings, Shelters, Shacks and Shanties harkens back to the can-do spirit of the American frontier and belongs in the knapsack of every modern scout, young and old alike.

272 pages

BK-9528  -  $12.95

The Ultimate Survival Shelters

   The insane foreign & domestic policies of the government have brought terrorists to America with their bombs!  Your only choice is to plan ahead for the inevitable.  This book shows 11 different plans for your survival shelter.  These are not just drawings either.  They are complete plans, materiel lists, and instructions for shelters ranging from easy to build basement blast shelters to comfortable underground shelters that look like patios or gardens from the surface.

126 pages

BK-C9186  -  $19.95

Live Off The Land In The City & Country

by Ragnar Benson

   Written especially for survivalists and retreaters, this book reveals a totally practical survival program unlike any other.  Old Indian secrets and advice on survival medicine, firearms, preserving food, diesel generation and much more are included.

272 pages

BK-2007  -  $29.95


The Survival Retreat

by Ragnar Benson

   Win the battles of defending your retreat by avoiding them!  Learn how to harden your city or rural refuge by locating it well and disguising it.  "The best defense is obscurity, unobtrusiveness and silence," Benson writes.  Chapters are Who Is the Enemy?, What If It Comes to a Fight?, Beyond Firepower and more.

136 pages

BK-2759  -  $11.95

$50 & Up Underground House Book

by Mike Oehler

   If you are looking into building an underground structure, this is the book for you!

115 pages

BK-UGHB  -  $16.95


Books: Homesteading, Independent Living & Building

Build a Classic Timber-Framed House

Planning and Design, Traditional Materials, Affordable Methods

by Jack A. Sobon

   The timber-framed home is attractive, affordable, and easily expanded to meet the needs of a growing family. With the step-by-step instructions in this book you can build your own classic timber-framed house � one that�s enduring, and features a level of craftsmanship rare in modern construction.

BK-8412  -  $21.95


The NEW Independent Home

by Michael Potts

   Profiles the energy pioneers who have defied contemporary society & live "off-the-grid."  Discover that living without power lines does not mean living without grace and style.  B&W illustrations.

350 pages

BK-NIH  -  $29.95

The Fuel Savers

Edited by Bruce N. Anderson

   Whether you are adding a solar hot water system, installing insulating curtains, glassing in a porch, or creating a passive solar garden shed, the book will give you a wealth of ideas for saving fuel and money.  B&W illustrations.

84 pages

BK-FS  -  $4.95


Independent Builder

Designing & Building a House Your Own Way

by Sam Clark

   This is the most complete and easy-to-use house building handbook we've reviewed.  A manual of design, planning, and building methods to design and build a home the way you want it!  B&W photos and illustrations.

522 pages

BK-IB  -  $29.95

The Composting Toilet System

by D. Del Porto & C. Steinfeld

   A practical guide to choosing, planning and maintaining composting toilet systems, a water-saving, wastewater solution.  Full of new composting technology.  100+ photos and illustrations.

192 pages

BK-CTS  -  $29.95


How to Build Small Barns & Outbuildings

by Monte Burch

   More than 20 projects offer complete plans and instructions for building a wide range of structures that are designed for adaptability and usefulness. You�ll learn the step-by-step fundamentals of general construction - from planning and laying out a site to do-it-yourself framing, roofing, wiring, plumbing, and much more.

280 pages

BK-7734  -  $18.95

The Rammed Earth House

by David Easton

   These earth-built homes use basic elements: earth, water, and a little cement, to create thick, sturdy masonry walls that offer a sense of security to the inhabitants.  Lots of photos.

306 pages

BK-REH  -  $29.95


The Straw Bale House

by A. Steen, B. Steen, & D. Bainbridge

   Using plastered straw bales as building materials for a home may not sound stable or long-lasting, but these can be used for a variety of purposes from adjacent buildings to entire houses.  Applications are more useful for the Southwest region but ideas may transfer to other U. S. locales.

336 pages

BK-SBH  -  $30.00

Pole Building Projects

by Monte Burch

   Garden structures, backyard barns, sheds and shelters, vacation cabins, etc.  Over 25 plans.  B&W photos.

208 pages

BK-PBP  -  $18.95



PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman

Building Shelters, Camping Gear, Weapons and More Out of Plastic Pipe

by Tom Forbes

   With these easy-to-follow illustrations, you can construct more than 30 projects out of durable PVC pipe. Learn how to make inexpensive and practical gear such as snowshoes, an equipment raft, shelters - including a tepee and a portable ground blind - a boot dryer and even a blowgun in your home workshop instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars at a sporting good outlet. Forbes� clever designs will appeal to the do-it-yourselfer with a love for the outdoors and an appreciation of the unique.

96 pages

BK-0216  -  $14.00

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