AM / FM / Shortwave Radios

   Shortwave Radios are an excellent way of keeping up with the "real news" worldwide.  Programs include everything from Alternative Medicine, Talk Shows, Prophecy, and Patriot stations, to music and more.  Shortwave radio listening has stood against the suppression of the truth worldwide for a generation.  We consider shortwave radios a necessity and should be in every home, office, campsite, etc..

   If you are purchasing your 1st shortwave radio, here's a word to the wise:  start with a digital tuning radio like the Sangean 818's, the 505 or the 909.  It's much easier to find a frequency as compared to a needle and dial tuner like the BayGen Radio.  You'll enjoy shortwave much more starting out this way.  Because of the importance of a backup radio the BayGen is an excellent choice in addition to a digital radio.  We send a current shortwave listing of programs with every radio purchased to help get you started.

Sangean ATS-818ACS

  Same features and performance as the Sangean ATS-818 except with a cassette recorder and 54 memory presets.

SW-818ACS  -  $219.95

Sangean ATS-505P

   Digital receiver offering performance and features at an affordable price.

SW-505P  -  $139.95


Sangean ATS-909

   This is Sangean's top of the line Radio!  A compact, portable receiver that has everything!

SW-909  -  $269.95

CCRadio Plus

From C.Crane Company

   The CCRadio plus is a refinement of the original CCRadio.

SW-CCP  -  $159.95


BayGen Freeplay Plus

   A wonderful self-powered radio (with detachable light) that either runs off the sun, by hand-crank, or off internal power storage!

SW-BGFP  -  $125.95


The Freeplay Summit

   This top-end digital radio offers its user the choice of three power options: wind-up, solar and rechargeable power.

SW-FPS  -  $99.95

Radio Accessories

Sangean Portable Shortwave Antenna

   Improve your shortwave reception anywhere you go!

ANT-60  -  $14.95


VersaCorder Tape Recorder

   Never miss your favorite talk show again!  Record up to 4 hours on one side of a regular cassette.  Save tape & time with voice activated recording

CCVC  -  $99.95

Sangean Solar Panel

   Works with most Sangean radios and many other electronic devices. Powerful enough to run a radio in overcast weather. Lightweight and durable, comes with 2.1mm negative tip plug (standard for most Sangean radios). Weatherproof, 10 cable, 6 to 9 volts, 4 watts. Size: 6"W x 13"H x 1/8"D.

SW-SO4  -  $59.95


Quarter Speed Cassette Player

Great for lightweight, portable, 1/4 speed/regular speed playback.

SW-PSP  -  $39.95

C.Crane Digital FM Transmitter

   A high quality digital FM transmitter for the wireless transmission to any FM radio.

SW-FMT  -  $99.95

Passport To World Band Radio - 2006 Edition

By L. Magne

   At a glance you can see:  Station Name, Location, Frequency, Time (day/night a program is on), and Language.  It's your TV Guide for Shortwave!  It also gives a short history of radio and it's importance for many cultures.

Published every year.

592 pages

BK-PWBR  -  $19.95


Survival Communications

How To Build & Power Your System

By Dave Ingram

   Complete information on: survival news sources, S.W. radio, radio, scanning, C.B., Satellite radio, alternate power sources, weather information services, antennas.

182 pages

BK-ESC  -  $20.00

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