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How To Live Safely In A Dangerous World

by Loren Christensen

   No one knows exactly what tomorrow - or even today - will bring, but you have to be prepared for anything. What should you do if confronted by gang members? Where are the most dangerous places for a carjacking and what�s a common ploy most carjackers use? How do burglars choose a home to hit? Should you make eye contact with suspicious persons? What are the two common things you should never do to prevent auto theft? Find out the answers before you have to learn them the hard way.

224 pages

BK-6443  -  $19.95


Safe In The City

A Streetwise Guide to Avoid Being Robbed, Raped, Ripped Off, or Run Over

by Marc "Animal" MacYoung & Cris Pfouts

   This is an entertaining street-level look at how crimes are really committed in America�s cities. Chris and Animal use their NY-L.A. experience to help you learn the games carjackers, muggers, "gangstas," rapists, junkies and conmen play-and how to avoid them.

312 pages

BK-7750  -  $22.95

Self Defense For Your Child

by B. Tegner & A. McGrath

   Effective, easy to remember, and practical defenses and assault prevention.

127 pages

BK-SDYC  -  $9.00


SAS Self Defense Pocketbook

Collins Gem

   Comprehensive, non-lethal, self-defense guide. Color Photographs. 4.75" x 3.5" x 1"

255 pages

BK-SASD  -  $8.00

Self Defense Requires No Apology

by Jones

   The first Firearms Training Book by a Woman FOR Women! - The author of the book is a Certified NRA Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor. She is also a graduate of the International Shootist, Lethal Force Institute and the American Pistol Institute. The emphasis of the training is upon gun handling, preventive strategies, mental preparedness, and the deployment of tactics in armed confrontation. Man or woman, you will find this book interesting & highly informative. Chapters Include: The Truth About Gun Control, Legal & Moral Aspects of Self-Defense, Close Encounters of the Worst Kind, Teaching Your Child About Guns.

108 pages

BK-DRNA  -  $13.95


Fierce and Female

   This two-tape set picks up where other women�s self-defense videos leave off - when a rape attempt is already underway. This video set demonstrates seven proven strategies every woman must know. Knowing what to do - and what to never do - can make the difference between life and death...or ward off a would be rapist. Featuring realist scenarios and full-force demonstrations, this program should be required viewing for all women interested in keeping safe. Please, purchase this tape today for every important woman in your life! Color, approx. 140 min., VHS only.

VD-VT212  -  $59.95

Armed & Female

by Paxton Quigley

   Stresses the importance of protecting yourself against bodily harm by carrying a weapon for self defense.

255 pages

BK-AAF  -  $6.00

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