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Response� Escape Hood

Introducing the Response Hood

   When escaping from chemical, biological, or riot control agents, every second counts.  Depend on the Response TM Escape Hood.  The hood gives your employees the protection they need to escape from a terrorist situation safely, quickly and easily � whether they work in high-profile office environments, for government agencies or embassies, or as law enforcement or first responders.  And since it fits most any size and is compatible with long hair, glasses or a beard, the Response Escape Hood is the equipment of choice for today�s diverse workforce.

Engineered for Maximum Performance

   Manufactured with a high-performance laminate material, the hood is designed to provide you with the latest in head and neck coverage with respiratory protection against chemical and biological agents.  The soft, high-stretch rubber neck seal conforms to irregular neck contours, allowing a secure fit on a wide variety of users.  Its unique nose cup helps reduce lens fogging and carbon dioxide build-up by directing airflow inside the hood.  The Response Escape Hood canister features a high-efficiency particulate filter and activated carbon to combat aerosols, gasses and vapors.  In fact, the canister used in the hood contains 50% more carbon than similar canisters used by the U.S. military.

Designed for Comfort

   In addition to designing the hood for maximum protection, this hood also takes into account the comfort factor.  A user who is potentially under stress requires ease of donning and use.  The large lens and translucent hood allow better visibility, face recognition and help reduce claustrophobia.  The nose cup allows communication superior to that of conventional devices, which require wearers to breathe through a mouth bit.  With the integrated nose cup, wearers can breathe and speak normally to provide potentially life-saving communications.  The hood also features cradle-type head straps that allow for quick, no assistance donning in the event of an emergency.

Performance of Response Escape Hood Canister Against Various Chemical Agents

   The Response Escape Hood canister has been tested to determine how effectively it can protect an individual against a variety of chemical agents.

   Note:  This canister contains a pleated high-efficiency (P-100) filter to remove aerosols, radionuclides, and solid particulates; and an impregnated activated carbon bed to adsorb (filter out) gases and vapors.  Tear gas agents are removed from the inspired airstream by the P-100 filter and the impregnated carbon bed.  Mustard (HD), Sarin (GB), DMMP (a Sarin simulant), HCN, and CK are also effectively adsorbed by the carbon bed.

Response Escape Hood    Item 10022208  -  $170.00

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"Total individual protection requires an integrated approach.  The primary protective mechanism is respiratory protection for both chemical and biological agents and especially so for biological agents.  A properly fitted protective mask when combined with an overgarment, gloves and boots can provide excellent protection." - Jane's Chem Bio Handbook

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