Nuclear & Biological Books

Nuclear War Survival Skills

by Cresson H. Kearny

   This book thoroughly discusses plans of what to do before, during and after a nuclear disaster.  Describes proper clothing and shelter which are effective against nuclear and chemical threats.

282 pages

BK-NWSS  -  $24.95


Jane's Chem-Bio Handbook

by F. Sidell, M.D., W. Patrick, III, & T. Dashiell

   A complete guide on chemical agents and how to handle them.  Includes quick reference tables, casualty treatment, and other procedures on dealing with chemicals.

298 pages

BK-JCBH  -  $39.95

Sense of Survival - 3rd Edition

by J. Allan South

   This comprehensive guide teaches food storage, water purification and storage, living off the land, what to do before, during, and after a biological, chemical, nuclear or natural disaster, how to grow a garden, basic first aid, making a simple shelter, and so much more.  It's an excellent book!

336 pages

BK-SOS  -  $16.95

The U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Survival Manual

by Dick Couch, Capt., USN (ret.)

   Experts agree that the next terrorist attack on our soil will not come in the same form as September 11. The possibility of nuclear, chemical, or biological attack is increasingly likely. This handbook shows readers how to survive such attacks by employing the best practices of the United States military. Includes information on first aid procedures, guarding against nuclear fallout, basic protection with a simple mask, & much more. 224 p

BK-797X  -  $14.95


The Survival Guide

What to Do in a Biological, Chemical, or Nuclear Attack

by Angelo Acquista

   A step-by-step guide to protecting individuals and their families in large-scale emergencies. Written in straightforward, easy-to-understand language, The Survival Guide provides expert critical information about the most likely biological, chemical, & nuclear threats - and explains the basic steps to take before, during, & after a terrorist attack or other emergency situation. Quick tips & information accompany complete explanations of different biological, chemical, & nuclear weapons. Critical information is provided about symptoms, emergency responses, precautions, & more. 294 p

BK-9545  -  $12.95

Civil Defense DVD Set

8 Full Length Civil Defense DVDs

   This is the most extensive DVD video and MP3 collection available for Civil Defense.  All the essential education you need to implement the recommendations of the books are demonstrated on video for you and your family to see.  This makes the material all the more real and easy to learn.

Disk 1:  Fighting Chance - ROM Archives and Defense Movies

   This is the combination data and video DVD.  You get:

  • A copy of all the websites (Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine) for use independent of the Internet

  • 150 MP3 files from the annual Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meetings

  • Digital copies of all the Civil Defense books ready to print

  • 30 Year Archive of the Access to Energy Newsletter

  • Nutrition and Cancer books

  • 13 year archive of the Civil Defense Newsletter

Disk 2:  Fighting Chance DVD - Emergency Medicine, Shelter Tours, and Overview

  • Emergency Medicine Presentation & Interview - Dr Jane Orient

  • Steel Blast Shelter Tour - Dr. Arthur B Robinson

  • Mobile Shelter Display Tour - Dr. Arthur B Robinson

  • Nuclear War Survival Skills Overview - Cresson H Kearny

  • Road to the Wall

Disk 3:  Nuclear War Survival Skills - with Cresson H Kearny

  • Part 1: Expedient Blast and Radiation Shelters (102 minutes)

  • Part 2: Shelter Ventilation and Various Other Survival Skills (78 minutes)

Disk 4:  Nuclear War Survival Skills - with Cresson H Kearny

  • Part 3: Home-makeable and Commercial Fallout Radiation Meters (117 minutes)

  • Part 4: Nuclear War Facts as Told to Teenagers (74 minutes)

Disk 5:  Soviet Civil Defense - all with English translation soundtracks

  • 1. Injury from the Fallout Radiation Can Be Avoided

  • 2. Actions in the Face of Nuclear Attack-The Main Point is Not to Panic

  • 3. The Shelter-A Dependable Means of Protection

  • 4. What You Must Know About Nuclear Weapons

  • 5. Learn How to Use Your Gas Mask

  • 6. The Danger of Bacteriological Weapons

  • 7. Blast Shelters, Fallout Shelters, and the Rules for Using Them (5th Grade)

  • 8. Skillfully Respond to the Threat of Attack and to the Warning Signals (5th Grade)

  • 9. Protecting Livestock

  • 10. Dealing with Public Utility Emergencies

  • 11. Fallout Shelters and How to Build Them

  • 12. How to Counteract Chemical Contamination

  • 13. Countering Pathogenic Bacteria

  • 14. Fire Fighting

  • 15. The Reception and Billeting of the Evacuating Population

  • 16. If the Siren Sounds

  • 17. After Departing the Area of Destruction

  • Part 1: Introduction and Interview of Dr. Leon Goure (97 minutes)

  • Part 2: Soviet Training Manuals, Books, and Journals - Section 1 (86 minutes)

Disk 6:  Soviet Civil Defense

  • Part 3: Journals - Section 2 and Soviet Training Film - Number 1 (81 minutes)

  • Part 4: Soviet Training Films Number 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (88 minutes)

Disk 7:  Soviet Civil Defense

  • Part 5: Soviet Training Films Number 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 (91 minutes)

  • Part 6: Soviet Training Films Number 12,13, 14, 15, and 16 (89 minutes)

Disk 8:  Combined DVD: Soviet Civil Defense and Facts About Nuclear War

  • Part 7: Presentation by Dr. Leon Goure, Soviet Training Film Number 17, and Soviet Civil Defense Posters (92 minutes)

  • Facts About Nuclear War: As Explained to School Children by Dr. Jane Orient

OI-CDDVD  -  $149.95

Call for all your Domestic Preparedness Equipment (EPA/OSHA Approved)

EMS/Rescue Equipment

Detection Equipment (Chem/Bio/Radiation)

Decontamination Equipment (Including Decon. Trailers, Portable Showers, & Deployable Shelters)

Tactical Equipment

Spill and Leak Control

All Protective Clothing (Levels A through D) and Helmets, boots, gloves, etc..

Portable Barriers

Hazardous Marking Tape Kits

And much more - Call for your specific needs

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