Millennium� Chemical-Biological Mask

A Hycar version of the reliable military-style MCU-2/P gas mask that combines high performance, customized fit, comfort, & cost efficiency.

  • Flexible, 1-piece polyurethane lens with wide field of vision is bonded to durable Hycar rubber facepiece

  • Dual-canister mount (NATO 40mm thread) allows weapon sighting from either shoulder

  • Drinking tube provides connection for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres

  • Fully elastic, 6 point head harness promotes easy on-off, easy adjustment, no hair pulling

  • Internal nosecup with 2 check valves deflects air from the lens, reduces fogging

  • Standard mechanical speaking diagphragm included, or add MSA�s optional ESP� Communication System

  • NIOSH approved (No. TC-14G-0254) for protection against CN, CS, P100 particulate efficiency level, and particulates

Complete with canister, nosecup, and drinking tube


Small  52706  -  $325.00

Medium  52707  -  $325.00

Large  52708  -  $325.00

Millennium CBA/RCA Canisters - Box of 6

52574  -  $236.00

or each for $45.00

Call for Shipping

Note: Masks cannot be used in an oxygen deficient environment.


   One quart drinking canteen with M1 cap for connecting to gas mask.

For Millennium and Dupont Models.

Green   52769  -  $29.00

Black   52714  -  $29.00

"Total individual protection requires an integrated approach.  The primary protective mechanism is respiratory protection for both chemical and biological agents and especially so for biological agents.  A properly fitted protective mask when combined with an overgarment, gloves and boots can provide excellent protection." - Jane's Chem Bio Handbook

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For general information a good start is Jane's Chem-Bio Handbook or please call for other recommendations.

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