Katadyn Water Filtration

   It doesn't take much to bring an abrupt end to good health on your vacation, a hike, business trip, even at home when there's contaminated water (especially during a crisis)!  The Katadyn water filters have the best record we've found.  Take a filter such as the Combi, Pocket or Mini with you when you travel.  Pure water is so important we recommend you buy extra elements along with your filter.

Cross section of the Katadyn Ceramic Element

   The microporous filter element made of KatadynŽ Ceramic with a pore size of 0.2 micron reliably retains 100% of all the microorganisms that cause diseases (see chart).  There is never any need to boil your water or to use chemicals in conjunction with using any of these fine filters.  Silver, incorporated into the ceramic, is used as a disinfectant to continuously eliminate the threat of bacteria from entering the filter from the outlet tap.

   Any of the models using carbon reduces iodine, chlorine & other chemicals that present potential health hazards plus eliminates bad taste & malodorous materials.

   The ceramic elements can be easily regenerated by simply brushing its surface.  The cleaning can be repeated approximately 300 times before the Katadyn Ceramic filter element has to be replaced (instructions included with each filter).  See chart for expected lifetime of each filter element.

   Note:  Because of Katadyn's reliability, safety, ruggedness, longevity, ease of operation, cleaning, and low maintenance, Katadyn is a contract supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces (Navy SEALS, Army Operations' Force, Marine Corps, etc.) and the U.S. National Parks & Forest Service, along with many others worldwide.

Listed below are the Bacteria and Protozoa that are eliminated 100% by the Katadyn Filters:  Tests confirming the effectiveness and reliability of Katadyn filters have been conducted by university, government and independent laboratories.

Microorganism Illness Symptoms
Giardia Giardiasis diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fatigue
Salmonella Typhoid fever, constipation, slight deafness
Vibrio Cholerae Cholera vomiting, watery stool, circulatory collapse
Schistosoma Bilharzia urinary tract infection, pulmonary damage
Shigella Shigellosis bloody stool vomiting, diarrhea
E. Coli Traveller's Diarrhea dehydration, abdominal cramps
Pseudomanas Melioidosis pneumonia, circulatory infections
Cryptosporidium Cryptosporidiasis diarrhea, abdominal cramps

KatadynŽ Models

Model *Removes Output Life Span of Elements Wt. Applications Price
Mini Ceramic PR, BA .5 qt./min. 2,000 gal. 8 oz. Short Hikes, Travel, 1 person (perfect for backpacks) $89
Combi PR, BA, CH 1 qt./min.

Ceramic - 13,000

Carbon - 60 gal.

22 oz. Long Treks, Travel, 2-4 people $139
Pocket PR, BA 1 qt./min. 13,000 gal. 21 oz. Long Treks, Expeditions, Long-term Use, 2-4 people $199
TRK Drip PR, BA .75 gal/hr. 39,000 gal. 10 lbs. Base Camps, Cabins, RV's, Boats $189
Gravidyn PR, BA, CH .75 gal/hr. 6 months to 1 year 10 lbs. Base Camps, Cabins, RV's, Boats $159
KFT Expedition PR, BA 1 gal./min. 26,000 gal. 12 lbs. Large Groups, River Rafting, Missionaries $890
* PR = Protozoa (Giardia/Cryptosporidium)       BA = Bacteria       CH = Chemicals

Katadyn Water Filter Models

The Mini Ceramic

   This is the most compact and lightweight filter ever developed using chemical free treatment for your drinking water.

Size: 1.75" D x 3.5" W x 7" H.

Weight: 1/2 pound.

Housing Construction: Advanced polymer with 30 inch suction hose - includes carrying bag & instructions.

K-MCF  -  $89.00

Ceramic Replacement Element
K-MCRF - $59.00
Carbon Replacement Element
K-MCRCF - $29.00


The Combi

   Versatility! This filter uses not only the famous Katadyn ceramic but it also uses carbon as well, so now you can filter out the chemicals and bad tastes too!

K-COMB  -  $139.00

See our Sales!

The Pocket

   The toughest & most reliable filter for any outdoor adventure. Great for backpacking, traveling, etc.

K-PF  -  $199.00

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TRK Drip

   The Best heavy duty, large portable filter (with fast flow rate) for groups, expeditions, river rafters, rescue services, etc.

K-KEF  -  $189.00


   The Gravidyn Water Filter is made of the same components as the TRK Drip, but with carbon inside the ceramic elements to filter out chemicals and bad tastes.

K-GDF  -  $159.00


KFT Expedition

The Best heavy duty, large portable filter (with fast flow rate) for groups, expeditions, river rafters, rescue services, etc. This filter pumps up to 1 gallon per minute!

Housing Construction: Nickel plated, brass housing. Includes carrying bag & instructions.

K-KEF  -  $890 $825.00

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