Books: Homesteading Basics

The Encyclopedia Of Country Living

9th Edition - by Carla Emery

   No home library is complete without this one-of-a-kind encyclopedia!  It includes step-by-step information on growing, processing, cooking, and preserving every kind of food, from the garden, the orchard, and the barnyard.  Topics covered: how to buy land, cultivate a garden, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, do your own canning, make candles, milk a goat, make your own soap, churn butter, build a chicken coop, catch a pig, cook on a wood stove and much more!  Includes recipes and addresses on where to get the supplies.

858 pages

BK-ECL  -  $27.95


Making The Best Of Basics

Family Preparedness Handbook

by James Talmage Stevens

   If you want the security of being able to live from your own personal resources for up to a year regardless of external conditions, this book will show you how. Packed full of charts, tables, recipes, and resources this book makes preparation both possible and manageable, and gives your family a measure of security in an uncertain world.

240 pages

BK-MBB  -  $22.95

Basic Essentials of Knots for the Outdoors

by Cliff Jacobson

   This book makes learning knots simple!  Learn to tie expert knots for tents, watercraft and more!

72 pages

BK-BEKO  -  $7.00


Living Well On Practically Nothing

Revised & Updated Edition

   This book is for people who need to live on a lot less money.  If you have been fired, demoted, widowed, bankrupted, or swindled - or you just want to quit your job and remain financially self-reliant - this book is for you.  In it are hundreds of tips, secrets, and necessary skills for living well on little money.  Chapters include: How to save up to $37,000 a year; How to live on $12,000 a year; Some ways to live on NO money at all; Fix things and make them last; Protect your investments and make them grow and many more.  From cover to cover, this book is stocked with proven methods for saving money on shelter, food, clothing, transportation, entertainment, health care and more.

200 pages

BK-C9075  -  $26.95

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