Grains & Legumes Cookbooks

How To LIVE on Wheat

by John Hill

   This wonderful little book takes wheat from the grain to the table including: proper storage, grinding, bread, cereals, biscuits, pasta, salads, popping, sprouting, etc..  No fluff, very concise and informative.

64 pages

BK-HLW  -  $5.95


Cookin' With Beans & Rice

by Peggy Layton

   This is probably the most usable book using beans and/or rice that we've run across.  Peggy has compiled this with recipes that her family of 9 eats.  She has sections on main dishes, breakfasts, salads, desserts, soups, chilies, etc..

68 pages

BK-CBR  -  $11.95

The Amazing Wheat Book

by LeArta Moulton

   Every possible way to prepare wheat including wheat meat (gluten), delicious breakfasts, breads, and desserts.  LeArta's use of herbs and spices add a gourmet touch to basic foods.  Includes recipes for making your own seasoning mixes. Substitutions and replacement suggestions.

222 pages

BK-AWB  -  $15.95


Whole Wheat Cookery

by Howard and Anna Beck

   We were excited to find this cookbook years ago.  Published in 1986 by native Kansas (3rd generation) wheat farmers this book is a collection of "tried & true" recipes made from stone ground wheat.  Wait until your family tries the chocolate cake & chocolate chip cookie recipes in this book - YUM!

165 pages

BK-WWC  -  $12.95

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