Essential Extras For Car, Backpack & Home

Cocoon Emergency All-Weather Sleeping Bag

   Can be carried in your purse, pocket or backpack (folded size: 3 1/8" x 5 1/2 x 1". A great item to put in your vehicle for each member of your family. If you become stranded in a storm they can be A REAL LIFE SAVER.

   Open Size: 36" x 84" (2.6 oz.)

CC01  -  $9.00

5 or more    CC05+  -  $7.50 each

Mainstay Emergency Water Packets

   These safe & convenient pre-measured (4.225 oz.) metallized packets are easy to dispense and store. These water packets last for years. It doesn�t matter what temperature they are kept at either!

  • Purified, sterilized & sealed in airtight pouches to prevent bacteria growth.

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved

  • Shelf life 5 years

  • Can be used as a cold compress

  • Set in sun for a hot drink

  • Don�t forget our autos sometimes need water (in the middle of nowhere!)

1 Case (60 pouches)  (One box shipment)

WP-MC  -  $15.00

Mainstay Emergency Rations

   These are great to keep in your car (they can withstand temperatures from -40�F to 300�F) for those unexpected emergencies. They have a 5 year shelf life, non-thirst provoking, and NO cholesterol or tropical oils. Packaged in durable, waterproof, vacuum sealed packages which are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Perfect for land and water emergencies. Each package is a 3 day supply for 1 person with 3600 calories per package. They taste GREAT!

Single Package    SI-MR1  -  $6.50

Case of 10  (1 box shipment)    SI-MRC  -  $60.00

For 72 Hour Kits for car or home and 1st Aid Kits - please call.

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