Decontamination Kits

M295 Equipment Decontamination Kit

   Employs the same sorptive resin technology of the M291 Skin Decontamination kit. Contains four individual wipedown mitts, each enclosed in a safe, protective packet. Used to decontaminate chemical-biological protective mask/hood, gloves, footwear, helmet, and other emergency gear. Reduces the amount of agents a person touches and minimizes the agent penetration into surfaces of individual equipment. Each wipedown mitt is comprised of absorbent resin contained within a nonwoven polyester pad material and a polyethylene film backing. Resin from the mitt is allowed to flow freely through the nonwoven polyester pad. Decontamination is accomplished through absorption of contamination by both resin and the polyester pad.

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NW-M295  -  $109.95

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MDF: The Decontaminant for Today�s CBW Threat

   MDF is the revolutionary new decontaminant that destroys the full range of chemical and biological warfare (CBW) agents. MDF is currently being deployed by DoD as the CBW decontaminant replacing DS-2 and Super Topical Bleach (STB). MDF was developed by Sandia National Laboratories.

  • Destroys CB warfare agents

  • Can be rapidly deployed - an ideal first-response decontaminant

  • Non-toxic to people; non-damaging to property; non-corrosive

  • SNL testing confirms 7-log kill for biological and viral agents

  • Available in a variety of forms, including foam, gel, liquid, fog, aerosol, or powder

  • Produces no toxic by-products - decomposes to oxygen and water

   Sandia�s Formula: Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) developed the formula on which MDF is based in response to the domestic and military threats. The goal was to provide the armed forces with a single decontaminant that works effectively against all potential CBW threats. MDF is the result of this intensive development effort. MDR is currently being deployed by DOD as the CBW decontaminant replacing DS-2 and Super Topical Bleach (STB).

   MDF represents a remarkable breakthrough, not only for its versatility against a wide variety of CBW agents, but also for its ease of use, its ability to decontaminate virtually any material exposed to CBW agents, and its negligible impact on human health and the environment. MDF Decontaminant can be dispensed through specially designed dual-liquid sprayers that are extremely versatile and convenient. MDF�s formulation is dispensed at a predetermined, fixed dilution ratio with the binary catalyst solution making it an excellent methodology for delivering the two-part reactive decontamination mixture. MDF�s Formula is specifically compounded so it can be used multiple time (versus one time use) without pre-mixing or adding water.

   The combined amount of over 22 ounces of decontaminant provides an extensive amount of decontaminant and is excellent for use in medical situations, vehicles, aircraft, ambulances and any emergency response situation where decontamination and protection is required immediately. The twin-11 oz. polyethylene bottles are easily locked into place and can be removed to store and protect the solutions for an extended period of time.

LSA-100  -  $69.95

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