Bleed-X� or TraumaDEX�

Stops Bleeding Fast!

   When applied to actively bleeding areas, Bleed-X� acts as a molecular sieve that rapidly absorbs the fluid component of blood while concentrating the platelets, thrombin, fibrinogen, & other proteins on the outer surface of the particles.  This produces "instant gelling" followed by the formation of a fibrin mesh.  Bleed-X� can be directly applied to a wound through a patient friendly bellows applicator.  Sterile Foil Pack.

   Can be a true life-saver. A must have item for everyone, especially campers, hikers, hunters, construction workers and anyone that might find themselves more than 5 minutes from medical help. Can use 2 or more for larger wounds.

   Also a very important item for First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, etc..

   "Minimizing blood loss in the field is one of the most important factors in determining a victim's trauma prognosis.  Each year in the United States, approximately 50,000 people bleed to death due to accidents, gunshot wounds or other causes."  -  National Transportation Safety Board

How to Use Bleed-X

  Snap Open 

  Clean Wound 

  Apply Powder 

  Maintain Pressure 

Step 1:  Open the dispenser tube by twisting off winged cap.

Step 2:  Thoroughly clean excess blood, dirt and debris from wound with mild soap and water. Using a clean cloth or sterile gauze, gently dry the wound and blot up any excess blood.

Step 3: Immediately apply a liberal amount of Bleed-X� over the entire wound.

Step 4: Quickly cover wound with sterile gauze or bandage and apply gentle, steady pressure until bleeding stops.

If bleeding persists, rinse off wound and reapply Bleed-X�.

Questions & Answers

Will Bleed-X� interfere with wound treatment once the patient reaches the Emergency Department (E.D.)?

No. Bleed-X� can be washed away easily either at the accident site or in the E.D. without disturbing the clot or interfering with wound management.

How quickly can Bleed-X� control severe bleeding?

Bleed-X� has been documented to control severe hemorrhage within 30 to 60 seconds.

Is Bleed-X� effective if applied directly to pooled blood?

The best results are obtained when excess blood is removed before applying Bleed-X� to the injured area, followed immediately with manual pressure. The key is to get Bleed-X� to the source of the bleeding.

Is it possible to overdose Bleed-X�

No. The best results are obtained with thorough coverage of the entire wound bed. Excess powder is easily removed by irrigation.

Are there any contraindications, precautions or warnings to observe when applying Bleed-X�?

Bleed-X� is not intended for intravenous application, and should never be injected into blood vessels. Bleed-X� should not be used if the foil package has been damaged or opened prior to use.

Does Bleed-X� require any special storage conditions?

Bleed-X� is an extremely stable product and does not require any special storage conditions. Keep packet sealed until ready to use.

1/2 gram Single Use Pack

(1 square inch wound coverage or a 4"x1/4" incision 1mm deep)

BLX-5 - $6.95

2 gram Single Use Pack

(4 square inch wound coverage or a 16"x1/4" incision 1mm deep)

BLX-2 - $14.95

Professional Use


Identical to Bleed-X - FDA Approval For EMS, First Responders and Paramedics

2 gram Single Use Pack

(4 square inch wound coverage or a 16"x1/4" incision 1mm deep)

TRX-2 - $14.95

For EMS and military use on larger wounds.

5 gram Single Use Pack

(10 square inch wound coverage or a 40"x1/4" incision)

TRX-5 - $24.95

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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