Alternative Energy Cookbooks

Cooking With the Sun

by Beth & Dan Halacy

   Solar ovens are a great and easy way to cook; this book contains easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by graphics on how to build a solar oven that can reach 400� F and a solar hot plate that can reach 600� F, as well as 100 recipes designed especially for solar cooking. B&W photos and illustrations.

116 pages

BK-CS  -  $9.95


The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook

by Sheila Mills

   Marrying the traditional cast-iron pot with contemporary cookware and tastes, The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook offers 225 creative, delicious, and original recipes for Dutch oven cookery � each of which has been prepared, tested, and refined by one of America�s finest outdoor cooks.

170 pages

BK-ODOC  -  $16.95

Woodstove Cookery

by Jane Cooper

   Filled with tips on buying, setting up, cleaning, and enjoying a woodstove with lots of delicious breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes from Cooper's eclectic collection.  Once you read this book you'll be able to convert any recipe.  B&W illustrations.

208 pages

BK-WC  -  $12.95


Lovin� Dutch Ovens

by Joan S. Larsen

   A great book for any Dutch oven enthusiast, Joan touches upon all aspects of Dutch oven cooking, including deep Dutch ovens. In addition, she has included recipes from some of her friends with stories to accompany the easy-to-follow recipes. Easily add your own favorites into this 3 ring binder. Over 400 recipes.

241 pages

BK-LDO  -  $21.95

We have many more "Dutch Oven" titles - call for more info.

Aunt Bessie�s Wood Stove Cookbook

   Not just a cookbook but a treasure trove of household tips as well. Through the years Grandma learned many things that make life easier when life was hard. Envelopes sealed with the white of an egg can NOT be steamed open. And of course everyone needs to know the Ready Rule...."This rule above all others heed, have ready all you need; before you start you need to READ..."

62 pages

BK-C610  -  $9.95

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