Long-Term Food Storage

Creating Low Moisture Foods that are suitable for long-term storage.

   Freeze-Drying - 1st step is to rapidly freeze the food, the water content now frozen is turned directly into a gas and withdrawn from the food during the Next step - vacuum and heat - thus avoiding the shrinkage. It creates a super light/compact product. Using this process 98% of the moisture is removed. The temperature is kept low to insure that the nutritional value is left intact. This method definitely tastes batter and is more nutritional, but is more expensive.

   Dehydration - There are two methods of dehydration. The standard method is to place the items on a conveyer belt and run them through an oven at a high temperature for a relatively short time. The second, more preferred way (the AlpineAire way) is low temperature air drying. This method removes 90% - 95% of the moisture.

Why purchase long-range food reserves?

  • Natural disasters

  • Economic disruption

  • Political instability

  • Diminishing world food resources

  • Inflation hedge

  • Disruption of employment (loss of job)

  • Terrorism in our country

When Buying "Complete" Food Units - A Word To The Wise

   Most food unit recommendations are for a calorie intake of only about 1400 calories. This is for light to normal activity. In most hiking, hunting or cold weather situations there is going to be a fair amount of strenuous days, therefore calorie intake must be greater, in some cases double. So donít settle for a "starvation" food storage system without at least supplementing it with individual items.

The Solution: AlpineAire Foods

   An industry leader with a distinguished reputation since 1979. AlpineAire Foods has what we consider to be the best food units on the market today. They have "no-cook/just add water" meals that are easy to prepare in a short time and in stressful situations. These meals are good enough for everyday use and not just in emergencies, so we recommend using and rotating your storage foods. AlpineAire Foods has close to 100 individual items available in the #10 cans, #2 1/2 cans, and pouch form (for camping and economical everyday use). You have the choice of ordering individual items, or in their prepackaged 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year systems. We advise using the 6 month and 1 year systems & adding to these the individual items you like the most. This way you are fully covered.

   Purity of ingredients - All natural, NO artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings, MSG, or white sugar are added. Many customers that have had bad allergic reactions to other brands of food storage have been very pleased with these foods.

   Familiarity - Your food system should be familiar everyday foods easy recognizable and reflect a balanced diet offering good taste. They offer the best selection from which to choose.

   Preparation Convenience - They offer many convenient food systems which can be prepared with a limited amount of fuel and water.

   Shelf Life - Shelf life of any food reserves is always critical. AlpineAire Foods uses the latest technologies available to insure long shelf life. Excessive heat will shorten the shelf life of all products. A rule of thumb: the cooler the better. See detailed information below.

   Variety - We have over 170 selections that will prevent appetite fatigue.

   Proper Rotation - It is important to rotate food reserves in your daily diet. AlpineAire easily integrates with other foods to meet daily dietary needs.

Pouch & Canned Foods

Ideal for: Camping, Hiking, Biking, Survival, etc. Lightweight, Backpackable. Meals can be prepared directly in the pouch or can (reconstituted with hot or cold water). The pouches are resealable while the cans have plastic lids. They are filled with great tasting freeze-dried food products. Freeze-drying allows the largest amount of vitamins to be retained in a preserved food. The individual vegetables, fruit and meats make great snacks, croutons or (crunchy) additions to your own trail mixes (without any rehydration).

Food Storage Systems (From 1 month to 1 year)

Super Pack (1 year for 2 people)  -  $6634.87

Gourmet Supreme System  -  Starting at $511.50

Versatile  -  Starting at $327.80

Primary  -  Starting at $181.50

3 Day Food Pack For 1  -  $43.98

Beef / Poultry Module  -  $288.18

Fruit Module  -  $57.18

Individual Items - In Cans

Entrees, Breakfasts, Meats, Dairy, Eggs, Beans & Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Ready-To-Eat, & more in #10 & #2.5 Cans

Cooking Required Items (Beans & Grains)

Pouches (great for backpacking and camping)

Serves Two & Four

AlpineAire Foods Shelf Life

Shelf-life of these foods, under proper storage conditions, are as follows:

Canned Foods  

Vegetables, Fruits, Pasta, Nonfat Milk, Beans, & TVP

8-10+ years

Meats, Entrees, Sauces & Seasonings, Sprouting Seeds

5-10+ years

Eggs, Complete Entrees (Soups, Breakfasts, Desserts), Cheese Powders, & Granola

5+ years

Recipes containing Shrimp, Brown Rice, Sour Cream, Tuna & Nuts

2-5+ years

Sweeteners, Pilot Bread Crackers (ready to eat)

10+ years
Pouch Products  

Most Pouches

2-4 years

Recipes with Shrimp, Tuna, Brown Rice, Nuts, & Dairy Products

1-2 years
Cooking Required Items  

Grains, Bean & Peas

10-15 years

Scrambling & Omelet Egg Mix

5+ years

Pancake Mix

3-5 years

AlpineAire Shipping Chart










Super Pak






One Year






6 Month

$  83





3 Month

$  60

$  96




45 Day

$  28

$  45

$  55

$  70

$  80

1 Month

$  28

$  45

$  55

$  70

$  80

Ala Carte






* Call for better rate when ordering 3 or more 1 year systems with same shipping address.

* Freight will be higher for remote areas of Alaska.

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