Air-Aid Escape Masks

   Protect yourself and your family from toxic chemical and biological agents and communicable diseases. Designed to increase the chance of escaping an emergency situation (fire, terrorist attack, natural disaster). Air-Aid Mask is recommended for use with tear gases when protective glasses and latex gloves are added. The mask should not be used to enter dangerously contaminated areas or to replace industrial gas masks when long-term exposure to toxic agents are desired. Also helpful for numerous household activities such as: cleaning, painting, construction, gardening, etc. You’ll want on for your office, car, first-aid kit, purse, backpack or pocket.

  • 98% as effective as a gas mask

  • Lightweight and portable (4" x 8" x 1/8")

  • 10-year shelf life in sealed plastic package

  • Designed after medical masks with addition of activated carbon filter

  • Removes odors and toxic fumes

  • NP Rating (98% Bacteria & Viruses, 95% Chemical)

  • Effectively used by S.W.A.T. team officers, military personnel, police officers, ATV operators, homemakers, gardeners, welders, construction workers & more.

HE-AAEM  -  $4.50 each

HE-AAEMX10 (10 or more)  -  $3.95 each

Air-Aid Kit 1:

1 Air-Aid Mask, 1 Pair Nitrile Gloves, 1 Pair Goggles, 1 V-VAX Eucalyptus Oil.

AAEM-1  -  $30.50

Air-Aid Kit 2:

As above with Military Tyvek "F" chem/bio suit.

AAEM-2  -  $99.95

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